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When coming on a mushing adventure it is always good to be informed! we get quite a lot of questions so we thought it best to publish some of the frequently asked questions!

What is the temperature like?

The cold is a very dry cold. People are surprised when the temperature is -15 C but it feels like -5C in a more humid climate. Nevertheless when you are driving a sled you will also experience wind chill which adds a couple of degrees to the temperature!

The temperatures range from -5C up to -45C! It is difficult to predict what temperature it is going to be but usually:

December and January are the coldest months- it is the darkest time of the year with very little if any sunshine as the sun does not cross the horizon from December through to January.

February is a great month as the temperatures are still very cold but the sun starts showing itself a little more each day.

March is wonderful too as the temperatures are usually milder and the sun is shining longer and longer! But don’t be fooled, even in March it is possible to have an evening with -30C.

April still has snow but things start to get warm. Sometimes it is so warm that you can mush in t-shirts!

May only allows for mushing in the high mountains near the Norwegian border where the snow still persists.

Are the dogs friendly?
Yes! All the dogs are very friendly! The love attention, affecction and lots of cuddles! Of course it is important to approach a dog the right way! Always approach a dog from the front and with an open hand!

When do the northern lights appear?
This is a question we get very often! Unfortunately we do not have a switch to turn them on! They appear when they do...of course there are all sorts of conditions which will be better than other times for us to see them, however there is no set rule! We have seen the northern lights as early as august, during the day and late evening, from a quick greenish cloud to a miraculous all night colourful show...keep your fingers crossed and hopefully you will get to see them!

Do you have to be fit to go on a dogsledding trip?
YES! It is important that you are relatively fit, you do not need to be a marathon runner or be an active member of a gym, however you do need to have upper body strength, a good sense of balance and be able to get yourself out of the snow..quickly! To prepare you for your trip we often recommend cardio-workout such as active walking/jogging and rowing, upper body exercise is also good! Any experience with sailing, ballet, skiing, snowboarding, or any type of activity that requires coordination and balance is of huge benefit!



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