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Dressing in Cold climates

It is really important when you are out and about in the cold that you are dressed properly! It is not always common knowledge as many of our guests come from all over the world, who have never seen snow before in their lives!

The best way to stay warm around here is to dress in layers! This way when you are inside you can unzip and take off some layers and when you go out again you can zip up everything again! Not only is it important to dress in layers but its important to know what to wear for each layer and how many layers to wear!

It is really important in our cold climate to wear a beanie or a hat or even both! When your feet are cold you are able to lose 75 percent of your body heat through your head!!! Thus keep sure that your feet are ware (see below for more info) and that you have a warm hat/beanie on!!We supply all our guests with a mushing hat.

The neck is an area that is quite vulnerable to the cold and the wind and the snow! so it is always important to make sure that you zip up your sweaters correctly or even have thermal underwear that goes all the way up to your jaw area. Another excellent invention is the buff...a buff is great to just wear around your neck and keep it protected from wind and the cold! I would suggest a fleece buff as they are usually the warmest!


On the BASE layer we suggest that you wear wool thermal underwear! The more wool per grams the thicker and heavier as well as warmer the layer is.(having said this though its not practical or a good idea to wear a big wool sweater as a base layer!). It is important to wear thermal underwear which is not too tight either so that it can create air but not too loose and bulky either!  It does of course depend on what activity you are doing..but for the purpose of dogsledding a wool thermal first layer from anywhere between 200 grams and 600 grams of wool is perfect! Or if your store doesn't specifiy the amount of grams then go for something which is a lot of percent wool 80 percent at least for both top and bottom! Those that are prone to itchy skin from normal wool we suggest merino wool!

Over the base layer depending on how cold it is you could wear a fleece layer both top and bottom. Or alternatively you could wear a polartec zip up (a type which isn't too bulky)

Over the fleece layer you would wear a zip up jumper/wool sweater which is thicker and bulkier. On the bottom you would wear ski trousers.

Over this layer you wear a jacket which is windproof and insulated!

And on top of all of this you get a snowsuit that you wear over all of these layers!

Your feet are extremely important in keeping your body warm! It is therefore essential that all our guests on all tours wear WOOL socks with at least 70 percent wool. We do not take guests on tour without the proper socks!! Many guests think its ok to wear many pairs of cotton socks or hiking socks over each other... IT IS NOT! Cotton socks are terrible for the cold, their keep the moisture and thus the socks keep wet and wetness freezes really quickly and then you get frozen feet! SO.. NO COTTON SOCKS!!!!! In case you cannot find socks that you are required to take on the tour please let us know in advanced! You are able to purchase them for 100 sek per pair but we need to know your size! Big wool socks (best if made by grandma!) are really warm and good for our conditions...you just need some shoes that are a bit bigger!

Shoes: we will supply you with snowboots a size larger than normal so that you have space in the shoes which creates the warmth!

We will supply you with mittens for the mushing, however you will need to have your own gloves that you can harness dogs in and work with to clean the poop, chop meat, feed the dogs etc. These gloves should not be too big and bulky like skiing gloves because you will not be able to work in those!! Thin linners made of silk are too flimpsy to use as a working glove however some guests like to have them inside the mittens we provide (but they are not a necessity).

A note on heating pads- they are ok to use however the problem with them is that they get so warm that they make you sweat and if you sweat then you have moisture which then freezes easily and gets you cold...additionally if you start with the heating pads the temperature difference is much larger making your hands feel much colder when the heating pads have warn off or if you are required to work with your hands!

Some people like them, some people don't... it is personal preference...we personally do not wear them but they are handy when it is snowing. In February/March sunglasses are recommended!

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