Daily husky rides and dogsledding trips in Kiruna!
Our dog sledding trips
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Our dog sledding trips

We offer all different types of tours to give you the optimal experience of a life time that suits your preference, time and intensity!

We offer day tours for those wanting to enjoy the dogs for a few hours, from sitting on the guide sled or driving your own team, to more intense adventure lasting from an overnight tour to a week tour. These tours are classified in two categories; 

Exploration Tours are for guests that want to have a go at the experience of a life time without the difficulty and strenousness of an expedition tour. You mush with 3-4 dogs covering a distance of approx 20-30 kms a day.You can experience these tours as an overnight tour, a weekend tour (2 nights, 3 days) and a week tour.

Expedition Tours are tours which get off the beaten track. You will mush with 6-8 dogs depending on which tour and the conditions at the time of the tour. Most likely you will be staying in wilderness cabins, weather permitting you could be staying in tents or under the open sky. You cover more distance, approximately 30-60 kms a day.

And of course we also keep in mind students! So especially for you we have made a product which is optimal in fun but also takes into consideration your limited budget!

Daily husky rides and dogsledding trips in Kiruna!Our dog sledding tripsBook NowWho we are...Useful InformationNon-winter activitiesContact UsJob OpportunitiesSite Map